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Slak op slak: Buxushout en mammoetivoor, 35 x 27 mm.
Snail on Snail: Boxwood and mammoth ivory

After the haiku by Kobayashi Issa:
O snail…
Climb Mount Fuji,
but slowly, slowly!
Hotei, een van de ‘seven lucky gods’: Buxushout en gewei, 40 x 35 mm.
Hotei, one of the lucky gods, with (and in) his bag: Boxwood and antler
‘Moidon en Kodama’, over boom- en bosgeesten in Japan.
Koraal, mammoet fossiel, buxushout, gewei en zilver, 4 cm.
‘Moiden and Kodama’, about captured and dwelling forest ghost in Japan.
Coral, mammoth, boxwood, antler and silver, 4 cm.
Zeven mestkevers: Buxushout, goud en zilver, 38 mm.
“Seven Samurai”: Boxwood, gold and silver